The ArmaLite AR-50A1 is the latest version of the popular and iconic AR-50 chambered in the massive .50 BMG Cartridge. This single shot bolt action rifle has many unique features which make it one of the most desirable ultra long range shooting platforms available on the market today. From the octagonal receiver bedded into a V-Shaped stock, the ArmaLite AR-50A1 allows you to achieve precision long range shooting without breaking the bank. More accurate than it's predecessors the 30" Chrom Moly barrel with 1:15" twist rate makes for a perfect combination of ultra long range and precision. The massive muzzle brake will help reduce recoil and the smoother action and new attractive bolt will be welcomed upgrades to seasoned AR-50 shooters. Stop being a spectator and get in the ultra long range game with the new AR-50A1 from ArmaLite.

Specifications and Features:
ArmaLite AR-50A1 Single Shot Bolt Action Rifle 50A1BGGG
.50 BMG
30" Chrome Moly Barrel
1:15" Right Hand Twist Rate
High Efficiency Multi-Flute Recoil Check Muzzle Device
3 Section Stock (Extruded Forend, Machined Grip) Triple Front Locking Lug Bolt
Spring Loaded Plunger, with Automatic Ejection
Sako Type Extractor
Shilen Standard Single Stage Trigger (approximately 5lbs)
15 MOA Sight Base
Hard Anodized Aluminum with Manganese Phosphated Steel Finish
Extremely Rugged Construction
Bipod Included 7-7/8" to 10-1/2" Silent Deployment Legs(No Panning/Canting)
Overall Length 58.5" (49.8" Without Buttstock)
Overall Weight 34.1 lbs
Manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty
Matte Black

Log#4284 Armalite Rifle Bolt Action .50 BMG Cal. AR-50A1 Finish: Blue Steel


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  • 1 in stock at 403 Broadway Street, Alexandria, MN (Phone # 320-762-8811)
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